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Matt and Dina met at Wayne State University in 2005. Dina claims that the first day they met she was wearing old sweat pants with paint on the, and a baggy hoodie, with no make up on. He was super skinny and kind of a jerk. They didn’t really think much of each other at first. Definitely not love at first sight!

Over the course of Winter and Spring of 2005, they hung out a lot with their WSU friends, and were truly just friends for some time. Then one day, Matt saw Dina dressed up and “presentable” and saw her in a different light. Dina says she will never forgot what he said to her…”you should dress up more often”. Once that happened they started chatting on the phone every night before bed, and their group hangouts got smaller and smaller until it was just the two of them hanging out, and eventually, they started dating.

A couple of years into their relationship, Dina’s dad got very sick with cancer. To no surprise, Dina was a mess, didn’t want to go out, or leave her house at all for that matter. And she definitely didn’t want to leave her dads side. She spent most of her time researching ways that she and her family could save her dads life. Many guys at that point would probably have just cut their losses, but not Matt. He stuck by Dina’s side, her family’s side, and most importantly, her dad’s side. If her dad was in the hospital, Matt was there. If he was at home, Matt was with him. Matt made him feel normal, and before her dad passed, they had formed a beautiful friendship. That’s the kind of guy he is, and clearly Dina fell in love with him.

After nearly 9 years together, they have seen the best and worst of each other. They’ve argued, and cried, and laughed a lot. They have gone through anything and everything you could possibly imagine a couple going through, and they are stronger than ever.

Matt proposed on May 24th 2014 on Mackinac Island. Dina thought they were simply going to the island for her family over the holiday weekend. Dina already had a deposition scheduled in Gaylord and Matt decided he wanted to go for a bike ride. Dina was starving and didn’t want to go,  but being the wonderful girlfriend she was, she sucked it up and went anyways (and was pissed the whole time) HA. After a couple of spats, getting lost, and having to take a couple of breaks, they finally ended up in front of The Woods restaurant. When Dina turned around to yell at Matt because the restaurant wasn’t even open for them to eat at, she noticed he was down on one knee, and he proposed. (she obviously said yes) Matt had planned the whole thing to at T, including bringing both of their families up there to celebrate.

Their wedding is also taking place on Mackinac Island in the fall of 2016. Here is the happy couple!

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